PROMASIL® 950-KS Calcium Silicate Insulating Board

PROMASIL® 950-KS Thermal Insulation Board

Brickwork and thermal insulation in one product. The uncomplicated handling of this product allows fast installation and - due to the minimal insulating thicknesses - significant savings in terms of space.

According to building authority approval no. Z-43.14-139, PROMASIL® 950-KS is authorised for use as thermal insulation and brickwork in open fireplaces and chimneys in accordance with EN 13229, as well as tiled and plastered stoves according to the rules of the German Tiled Stove and Air Heating Constructors Association, and is subject to official third-party monitoring.

Consistently high material quality is therefore ensured. Swiss fire protection authorisation no. Z 17559 has also been available for Switzerland since the end of 2007.

As PROMASIL® 950-KS is produced according to the advantageous casting method, the consequential thickness tolerances are minimal.

Whether according to EN 13229 or the rules of the German Tiled Stove and Air Heating Constructors Association: PROMASIL® 950-KS ensures that even in the case of the highest thermal load on living-room walls the temperatures are not higher than those permitted by the state building regulations.

Here a fundamental distinction is made between two different situations: combustible and non-combustible walls.

With PROMASIL® 950-KS considerable increases in the space available are achieved due to the small wall thicknesses, as the thermal insulation material simultaneously serves as brickwork.

PROMASIL® 950-KS is A1 non-combustible according to DIN 4102 (test certificate P-MPA-E-01-547).

PROMASIL® 950-KS has been tested on practically relevant test beds with respect to its thermodynamic behaviour. The results are collated in the working diagrams. These are an important part of the approval and make it possible to determine the required insulation thickness relative to the specification of the manufacturer of the fire box or the relevant technical rules.

Increase in space through the use of


Thickness of the PROMASIL® 950-KS thermal insulation board (cm) as replacement for thermal insulation (TI)


Thickness of the PROMASIL® 950-KS thermal insulation board (cm) as replacement for the brickwork (BW) and thermal insulation (TI)


Your advantages at a glance:

  • low thermal conductivity, therefore minimum insulation thicknesses
  • thermal insulation and brickwork with one building material
  • black plate cover is not necessary
  • easy to work and process
  • uncomplicated handling
  • all standard thicknesses available
  • building authority approval for insulation boards and appropriate Promat® Adhesive K84
  • NEW: Also wet cuttable ! ! !

Working and Processing

PROMASIL® 950-KS can be easily worked with woodworking tools, generally with a pad saw. According to the official authorisation, only the Promat ® Adhesive K84 is to be used.

When working with PROMASIL® 950-KS a black plate cover is not necessary.

The following processing guidelines should be observed:

The base surface should be dry, dust and grease-free and, if possible, even. Any dirt should be removed.

Remove the boards from the carton and sweep off any dust.

If necessary, cut the boards with a cutting device.

Apply the adhesive with a toothed spatula; rough serration is recommended; caterpillar thickness approx. 3 mm. The adhesive should be spread over the whole surface.

The open time of the adhesive is approx. 3 minutes, depending on the temperature, humidity and moisture of the material as well as the absorptive strength of the supporting wall.

The quantity applied is between 1.5 and 3 kg/m², depending on the surface constitution of the wall. The joint thickness should be approx. 1 - 2 mm.

Thanks to the precise dimensions of the boards, staggering of the joints is not necessary.

Boards should be laid front-to-front. Bonding the front surfaces is recommended.

Installation instructions are attached to each PROMASIL® 950-KS delivery.

Installation of the tiled stove fire box


Application of Promat® Adhesive K84 to PROMASIL® 950-KS


Fast and easy installation on the wall of the living room


The finished tiled stove


Promat® Adhesive K84

Promat® Adhesive K84 is a mineral adhesive approved by the building authorities which is A1 non-combustible according to DIN 4102 and which is to be used for bonding PROMASIL® 950-KS.

The adhesive is supplied ready-to-use in plastic buckets (7.5 and 15 kg) or in a tube (1 kg) for small quantities.

The adhesive should be thoroughly stirred or kneaded before use.

For further details on processing please see the installation instructions which is enclosed in every box.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • ready-to-use mixture
  • high temperature stability
  • short setting time
  • high adhesive power


Promat® Cord Programme

Suitable stove seals are cords, tapes and tight cords based on PROMAGLAF® high-temperature glass fibres.

Promat® Adhesive K 84 is suitable for bonding.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • flexible and elastic
  • good sealing properties
  • high temperature stability
  • no classification according to TRGS 905